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"Amazonian Fractals"  

Art-Therapy Workshops

With Juan Carlos Taminchi

Amazonian Fractals is a healing art therapy to wake up your creativity using various techniques and sacred plants from the Amazon. It is much more than only a drawing or painting workshop. It is a meditation exercise used to reconnect with mother earth and our own creative and healing spirit using sacred songs, aromas and colors through the experience. This helps us to let go and liberate ourselves from emotional baggage or blockages that prevent us from our own growth. In this way we are able to reconnect with the sacred, and feel the inspiration and divine creation inside each one of us. Mother Earth, nature, and all that lives within it recharges us with inspiration. Not only artistic inspiration, but for all of our unique individual processes on our path to walking through life in balance.


Deep introspection through sounds and aromas.  This includes flutes, drumming, sacred amazonian icaros songs, rapé (medicinal amazonian snuff made with the art plant of the amazon), end essences of plants and flowers.

We will begin by sitting in meditative position that is comfortable, and I will offer a drop of amazonian plant essence applied to the third eye to everyone, and a dose of rapé to those who want it. We will then enter the meditative state, accompanied by sounds and aromas for approximately 45 minutes to inspire what you will create throughout this workshop.

As we come out of meditation, each person will take their sketchbook and begin to sketch out ideas and visions that they received through the meditation. We will send the rest of the weekend creating a unique work of art, inspired by the spirit of the Amazon, and our own creative spirit.

Rapé is a medicine ancestral to the amazon. It is a mixture of specific leaves, flowers, and roots of various sacred plants. The rapé that we will be using was prepared with “Hiponbe Kene” (the art plant) that is used by indigenous communities of the amazon to wake up the creativity in human beings. These plants are ground down into a fine powder and applied through the nose. This medicine is very useful to assist in meditation. To relax, release busy thoughts, open our mind, and feel the earth and our own center.


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